Tao Feng games reboot ( 2022 or 2023).
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Tao Feng games reboot ( 2022 or 2023).
07/30/2021 02:11 PM EDT

In Year 2023 In war in new China between Mexico and United states 2 Factions are called Black Mantis & Pale battle between Good & Evil . Villians Factions are called Black Mantis leader is name Wulong Goth who seek to collect the treasure to Conquered the world and heroes Factions are called Pale Lotus leader name Master Sage he and Pale lotus have to Stop Wulong Goth and his minons of black Mantis to take over the world .

Pale Lotus .
Master Sage - Wu Shi Master leader of Pale Lotus he is Grandfather of Jade Dragon his arch nemesis Wulong Goth to Treat his people.

Jade Dragon- Female Dragon Monk warrior with Dragon Tattoo can Glow & Granddaughter of Master Sage along she Wear Dragon mask she more like Dragon Warrior.

Divine Fist - metro China police Detective who Is Martial art master He wife Divinity has join Black Mantis and he will destroy Wulong Goth for Kidnapping his Wife Divinity and Brainwashed her .

Fiery Phoenix- Phoenix monk with Phoenix Tattoo can Glow He wear Phoenix mask , his Family Have been Murdered by Exile and Minion Of Black Mantis he seek get revenge on Exile for Killing his Family.

Fierce Tiger - female tiger Warrior with Tiger Tattoo can Glow she Dreadlocks hair wear tiger face paint look more like Tiger .

Iron Monk - Cybernetic Robot Fighter who betrayed Black Mantis & Join pale Lotus he Got Blade hair more like Scorpion tail .


Black Mantis.

Wulong -Goth Alien Creature leader of Black Mantis he have Spit acid and blow swarm out his mouth he dress up like Praying Mantis suit is black.

Vapor - Mysterious Woman she is Arch enemy of Jade Dragon She teleport along Carrying her opponent and drop Them into Ground .

Divinity- Heavenly Goddess She is lover of Divine Fist she been Brainwashed by Wulong Goth she have power of Light .

Exile - Muscular Mutant Bulky he has Tribal Tattoos over his Body including his Face he Killed Fiery Phoenix Family but failed to Kill Jaio feng Known as Fiery Phoenix who have escaped from Masscare.

Fatalist- Mermancy Germanic he is Crime lord of his Gangs are called Serial Squads He is supreme Rune he join Black mantis to make alliance.
Geist - Female Cyborg who is half Human & Cyborg she Got Long stick Blade on her black lookalike Wing she throws Blade & Knife like a Swarms.

Who Got idea of new Characters and Factions be allies to Black Mantis & Pale lotus . And similar to Mortal kombat Factions and Characters?.

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