need game manual for MK:DA
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need game manual for MK:DA
04/25/2003 06:51 PM EDT
hello, i dont have the manual for MK:DA. anyone know where i can download it? i need it for XboX

what i need are the fatalities controls.
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RE: need game manual for MK:DA
04/25/2003 06:51 PM EDT
Well you won't find them in the manual.
It's not like in MK4 where they gave all the moves away.

Shang Tsung: U, D, U, D, A2
Bo Rai' Cho: B, B, B, D, A4
Quan Chi: B, B, F, B, A3
Li Mei: F, F, D, F, A4
Scorpion: B, B, D, B, A4
Johnny Cage: B, F, F, D, A2
Kenshi: F, B, F, D, A3
Mavado: B, B, U, U, A1
Sonya: B, F, F, D, A2
Hsu Hao: F, B, D, D, A2
Kung Lao: D, U, B, A3
Raiden: B, F, F, F, A3
Reptile: U, U, U, F, A3
Cyrax: F, F, U, A2
Kitana: D, U, F, F, A2
Nitara: U, U, F, A1
Jax: D, F, F, D, A2
Kano: F, U, U, D, A1
Drahmin: B, F, F, D, A3
Frost: F, B, U, D, A1
Sub-Zero: B, F, F, D, A3

Button X - A1
Button Y - A2
Button A - A3
Button B - A4
from selakha's tutorial at gamefaqs.
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