For more than a quarter of a century Mortal Kombat has been part of the pop culture landscape, and if you were watching the long running animated series Family Guy this week, you would've heard a familiar deepcut among its cavalcade of references!

Watch: S18E06 Blood Code Joke | S17E10 Fatality Joke

"Peter & Lois' Wedding" is the sixth episode of Season 18 and recounts the romantic meeting of the series' lead characters. Set in the nineties, Peter Griffin enters the scene [above] in desperate need of vital information: namely the Blood Code for the first Mortal Kombat on Sega Genesis.

Like most klassic kombat fans, Lois effortlessly rattles off ABACABB: the button combination that had to be entered at a precise screen during the game's startup. If done correctly, the Sega port would then feature the blood spatters Mortal Kombat was famous for -- a key difference that earned it favour over its Nintendo equivalent!

This isn't the first time Mortal Kombat has been referenced by Family Guy. Series 17, Episode 10 featured a violent confrontation at the dinner table that quickly escalated into a fight complete with health bars and fatality! Watch the embedded clip in the player above.

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Mortal Kombat has long exhibited a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor in its games, and it can occasionally be found at the intersection of pop culture and comedy. Jimmy Fallon went deep when he referenced Onaga on The Tonight Show in 2014, while Conan O'Brien has been more hands-on, playing Mortal Kombat X and creating his own Injustice character!

What are your favourite Mortal Kombat comedy moments? Run to the comments below to share the biggest laughs, or teleport to the 2D Kombat Klassics to discuss other retro codes and klassic characters!