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Outworld Votes - Kotal Kahn versus Mileena

In recent times we've been conditioned to expect Mortal Kombat to occur every four years. Over the past few terms, the political and military direction of Outworld has been a hugely significant topic with implications engaging all surrounding realms.

So it is that the enduring reign of Emperor Shao Kahn comes to an explosive end! His popular ascension was seen by some as an evolution of a new Outworld - one that would unite its many distinct cultures. He was a savior in the eyes of some, an unfulfilled promise in the eyes of others. His hands were tied as Outworld pushed to defeat Earthrealm in the Mortal Kombat tournament. When he attempted to force a conclusion by sending troops abroad, he only drew further criticism. He was a moderately divisive ruler, but one whose presence will loom large as Outworld moves forward into a new era of intense uncertainty! Mortal Kombat Online is covering the election as you vote for a new Outworld Emperor!

Mortal Kombat X Hosts First Faction Invasion - Outworld

It has begun! The first Invasion Boss has launched full scale war against online players in Mortal Kombat X!

Mileena leads a violent charge that challenges players to do as much damage as they can before inevitable defeat. Every blow counts as you strike in the name of your chosen clan!

Players can choose to join the Black Dragon, Brotherhood of Shadow, Lin Kuei, Special Forces or White Lotus Society. Representing a clan earns points toward special unlockable items and achievements, with every action in the game contributing to your clan's prosperity!

The Lin Kuei are dominating the event, so far. Choose your destiny and help one of the other clans rise to the challenge! For a small points penalty, you can change clans at any time. Rising through the ranks of each clan will offer unique rewards! Learn more about Clans & Invasions in the Mortal Kombat X: Next Trailer!

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03/27/2023 06:00 PM EDT
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03/30/2023 05:00 PM EDT
Soul Stream
04/13/2023 05:00 PM EDT
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