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Kombat Kon 2016: Koverage From the First Gathering

Thanks to the efforts of Doc Mack and all the folks at Galloping Ghost Arcade, the very first Kombat-Kon has come and gone! The two-day event was a huge success and will hopefully spawn future gatherings for mortals across Earthrealm, and other domains as well!

Mortal Kombat at Cologne Games Con and PAX!

We are happy to announce that the upcoming game Mortal Kombat will be showcased at both the Cologne Games Con and PAX 2010 in Seattle. Several responses on Twitter by WB representatives confirm as much. Also confirmed is that several new characters will be announced at these events, so stay tuned in the coming days as we get our first taste of big news since this year's E3.

Mortal Monday
06/05/2023 06:00 PM EDT
Soul Stream
06/08/2023 05:00 PM EDT
Realm Kast
06/29/2023 05:00 PM EDT
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