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Mortal Kombat X Mobile - Kold War Scorpion Challenge

The Kold War is back on and one of its deadliest agents is Scorpion! You can gain the upper hand in your stand-off with hostile forces by gaining control of Too Kold Scorpion in the latest Mortal Kombat X Mobile free-to-play challenge!

Mortal Kombat X Mobile - Kold War Sonya Challenge!

For some, the Kold War ended a long time ago. For players of Mortal Kombat X Mobile - it's just getting started! Kold War Sonya Blade has joined the free-to-play kard collecting game and can be unlocked by completing the campaign before the doomsday clock hits zero!

MKX DLC: Free Klassic Fatalities & Kold War Scorpion Out Now

As announced on the most recent NetherRealm Kombat Kast - Klassic Fatalities and the Kold War Scorpion skin are now available to everyone for free! If you haven't gained access to the downloadable content yet, you should be able to very soon!

MKX DLC: Kold War Skin Pack Available Now

Fans looking to reignite old hostilities can do so with the Mortal Kombat X Kold War Pack! The downloadable skins pack features three Soviet inspired alternate attires: Revolution Kano, Tundra Sub-Zero & Motherland Sonya. You can find the pack in US online stores for $3.99, or Russian online for 207,00 р (Rubles).

MKX: GameStop Exclusive Kold War Scorpion Trailer

Fans who've ordered the limited edition version of Mortal Kombat X can look forward to a GameStop exclusive download of Kold War Scorpion. The new trailer shows this fan created design in action:

Kommunity Artist fear-sAs Featured in Mortal Kombat X

His work has been featured by the likes of Kotaku, and appropriated by fans across the web. Artist Sergey Svistunov is better known to MK Online users as fear-sas, but fandom at large is about to know him as a Mortal Kombat X designer!

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03/27/2023 06:00 PM EDT
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03/30/2023 05:00 PM EDT
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04/13/2023 05:00 PM EDT
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